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“I watch interesting trailers online all the time and then completely forget about them forever. Now I just add them to my wishlist and I know I'll be reminded when that movie comes out. Clearly, the guy who created this app deserves fame and fortune.” Manuel F. Lara, MovieWishlist Founder
“If you watch TV it's easy to know when a movie comes out. You basically get bombarded with ads. But I don't watch much TV anymore. Now, MovieWishlist reminds me when movies I want to go watch come out.” Alfred McDuhan, made up person

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does MovieWishlist cost to use?
MovieWishlist is 100% free to use. Go create yourself an account above, you just need to write your e-mail address (the one where you'll get all the reminders about movies you added to your wishlist) and we'll give you a customized bookmarklet to add to your browser. Read the next question if you don't know what a bookmarklet is.
How do I track a movie so I get reminded of when it comes out?
Once you sign up, we'll give you a bookmarklet, which is like special a link that you drag & drop to the bookmarks toolbar on your browser. It will look like a regular bookmark, but whenever you're surfing the web and you stumble upon a movie you'd like to be reminded of when it comes out, just click the "Add movie to list" bookmark. It will ask you for the exact title of the movie, and it will get added to your wishlist. No need to leave the website. If you don't want to type the name of the movie, you can also select the title of the movie on the website you're on before clicking the bookmark. Check the video above for a visual explanation, you'll see it's really easy.
What if I'm on my phone or away from my computer and I need —yes, NEED— to add a movie to my wishlist?
Just send an email to from the e-mail address you used to register on MovieWishlist. Type the exact name of the movie in the subject box, and we'll add it to your list. The body (where you usually write your message) of the email will be ignored. Pro Tip: If you stumble upon a movie while browsing the web on your phone, instead of having to go to your Mail app, just use your phone's “Email Link To This Page” option and send it to, changing the subject to reflect only the movie title. It will work as well, and you won't be leaving your web browser. Keep in mind that in order to be properly assigned to your already existing wishlist, you need to send it from the email address assigned to your account, or the email will be ignored. If you regularly use more than one e-mail address and would like us to let you link several of them to the same account, please let us know.
What notifications will I get about a movie once I add it to my wishlist?
At the beginning of each month you'll get an email with all the releases for that upcoming month (if you have any). Besides that, you'll get email notifications the day any of the movies on your wishlist comes out in the theater or is available on DVD. Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Instant Video and other streaming services will be added very soon. You can change which notifications you get on your Preferences, after you sign up. If your favorite service is not here, please let us know by sending us an email to
What browsers does the MovieWishlist bookmarklet work on?
Pretty much all browsers for computers. On smartphones, they're not supported (see the other question above to know how to add movies to your wishlist from your phone).
Will you notify me when the movie is available in my country? I don't live in the United States.
For now, it will notify you about US launch dates. Still, after you sign up, you'll be taken to your preferences page. You can select there your country, and once we support launch dates for other countries we'll also notify you of when the movies on your list are available in your country (in case you want to see them dubbed or want to buy them in a retail shop near your home).
Can I see what movies I've added so far to my wishlist?
We're working on it. We focused on having the tracking and reminding side of the app right before before publicly launching the product, but we're working on other features like this one. Sign up above and stay tuned :)
If you have any more questions, please contact us.